Reimbursement Model
for Hospitals

Hospitals are Crucial to Saving Lives During this Pandemic.
We Must Test to Stop COVID-19.


Your hospital plays a crucial role during this Coronavirus pandemic. Testing must be done in order to identify and isolate those who would otherwise unknowingly continue to spread this deadly disease. Time is not on our side. We need to work quickly.

Complete End-to-End Solution for Hospitals

The Problem? Your institution has the ability to test large numbers of patients. However, inviting potentially infected patients into your hospital puts your patient and your patients and your staff at very high risk, You also likely do not have the time or the personnel to take on such a huge task.

Welcome to your Solution. X-Press Global has created a full-service turnkey testing solution that will allow your facility to start testing right away, at an off-site location, fully staffed by our trained personnel. With our fully branded marketing and promotion, we will handle everything from scheduling appointments for your patients, administering the tests and their test results via email or text, managing all compliance and data, and of course, providing you full access and reporting at all times.

The cost to the hospital is just $50 per test. Patients pay nothing if they are insured or participate in Medicare or Medicaid. Uninsured patients pay $50 per test. Hospitals are reimbursed via CPT codes, at the rate of $160 per test.

We are your single, simple, and profitable testing solution. Contact us today. Let’s work together to save lives and stop the spread of COVID-19  CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO.

No matter where you are in this world or your travel destination, XGDC is there to help you receive rapid testing and results for a wide range of health concerns, including Covid-19.


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